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Fact Sheets

Assessment and Management of Oculomotor Dysfunctions Associated with Traumatic Brain Injury

This fact sheet is intended to assist all who provide rehabilitative care to survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI) affected by visual dysfunctions. The information below contains accepted practices for rehabilitation and treatment strategies for oculomotor dysfunctions.

Eye Injury Prevention Month 

This fact sheet describes the risk of eye trauma for Service members and explains the importance of using protective eyewear.

Eye Injury Response Tips

Eye injury response tips factsheet.

Fall Prevention Considerations for People with Blindness or Low Vision

Learn how those with low vision can prevent falls throughout their environment.

Vision Problems Associated with TBI

This patient brochure was developed as a public information and education tool concerning combat eye injury and TBI-related visual dysfunctions.

Eye Injury Prevention Quick Facts

Handling of Ocular and Adnexal Foreign Bodies Removed at DoD and VA Medical Facilities

Inpatients: Caring for Patients who are Blind or Visually Impaired

Outpatients: Caring for Patients who are Blind or Visually Impaired

On-Duty & Off: Shields Save Sight

Vision Care Services Coordinators (VCSC) - What We Do

See the various services our VCSCs provide.