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Click one of the following titles to download an audio file (works best on Windows). The script of each is also available as PDF files by clicking the PDF icon.


Applying Eye Shields (6:30)  JPG

Guidance to military medics, civilian EMTs, and first & second responders, bystanders, and battle buddies on applying eye shields in the field and other emergency situations. 


Concomitant Cranial and Ocular Combat Injuries (5:37) JPG

Summary of an article by Cho, Bakken, Reynolds, Schlifka, and Powers, “Concomitant Cranial and Ocular Combat Injuries During Operation Iraqi Freedom” in the Journal of Trauma, Infection, and Critical Care.


Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking and Keratoconus (7:30) JPG

Summary from Ophthalmology articles:

“Corneal Collagen Cross Linking with Riboflavin and Ultraviolet-A Irradiation for Keratoconus”, by Dr. Hassan Hashemi et al.

“A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking in Progressive Keratoconus” by Dr. Christine Wittig-Silva.


Depression and Vision Loss In 20+ year olds in U.S. (6:30) JPG

Summary of a JAMA/Ophthalmology article “Association between depression and functional vision loss in persons 20 years of age or older in U.S.” by Xinzhi Zhang et al.


Incidence of Adult Onset Convergence Insufficiency (6:50) JPG

Summary of an article in JAMA/Ophthalmology: “The incidence and clinical characteristics of adult-onset convergence insufficiency” by Dr. Rafif Ghadban et al.


Talking to Patients About Vision Loss and Rehabilitation (5:48) JPG

Editorial from JAMA/ Ophthalmology. “Talking to patients about vision loss and rehabilitation” Dr. Alan R. Morse.


TBI And Visual Dysfunction (7:50) JPG

Summary of 2 articles:

“Mechanisms of TBI and Visual Consequences in Military and Veteran Populations” by Dr. Gregory L. Goodrich et al. in Optometry and Vision Science

“Visual Quality of Life in Veterans With Blast-Induced TBI” in JAMA/ Ophthalmology by Dr. Sonne Lemke et al.


Vision Concerns After Mild TBI (14:41) JPG

“Vision Concerns After Mild TBI” in Current Treatment Options in Neurology by Brad P. Barnett, MD, PhD and Eric L. Singman, MD, PhD from The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.