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Data at Work

DHA is a data driven organization. Vision research is an important component of military medicine. Vision data informs research and helps improve eye care treatment. The Vision Center of Excellence (VCE) is a resource that is here to support our eye care community. Among other functions, VCE supports the eye care, research, and academic communities by helping them access data and providing research assistance.

Data uses

  • Formulate clinical questions related to eye injury
  • Evaluate evidence/data for validity and usefulness
  • Support development of clinical best practice
  • Enhance Service member readiness
  • Guide research
  • Inform policy

Case definitions

Case definitions are detailed explanations that help identify vision related health issues. They also offer a solid way to identify good data to extract. Eye-related case definitions help eye doctors develop health guidance and supports decision making and supports maintenance of a ready medical force. Recognizing the impact of eye problems early improves outcomes, increases life quality, and improves force readiness.

VCE vision-related case definitions method

  • Define the Condition
  • Literature Review
  • Develop initial case definition
  • Case definition audit process

VCE case definitions include

  • Optic Neuritis
  • Ocular Eye Injury
  • Low Vision
Case Definition Methodology