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Residency Research Partnership Program

Why do we need Evidence-Based Medicine?

Information that you learn during medical training will be outdated in several years. Consequently, we need to ask questions and challenge established values, enable critical assessment of both established and newly discovered information, help to eliminate harmful practices and outdated approaches, improve the ability to discern between scientific and nonscientific information, and gain increased awareness of bias. In addition, it is important to promote a system of continuous training, education, and scientific research, along with selection of the most cost-effective or beneficial option for the patient.

The goal of the VCE Residency Research Partnership Program

To engage with Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs medical professionals during the course of their residency programs to assist them in their clinical research efforts. The VCE offers support to residents by providing mentorship specific to their work with clinical data, and assists with further development of research topics and methodologies. Formal mentorship would be maintained through their residency program. Procedural steps and advice are based on the experience of VCE’s researchers and can be adjusted to individual project needs. Resources, provided here, can assist residents throughout the study to conduct successful research products. A multifactorial approach with mentors, strong administrative support, and a research structure will lead to research project success.

Contact us if you have questions or would like more information regarding the VCE Residency Research Partnership Program.