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Military Health System

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Reports to Congress

Reports Signed in 2024

Download Reports to Congress signed in 2024.

Annual Health Review ScreeningH.R. 2670 HASC Report for FY 2024, 118-125, Pg. 189 5/24/2024
Study on the Incidence of Cancer Diagnosis and Mortality among Military Aviators and Aviation Support PersonnelH.R. 6395 NDAA for FY 2021, Sec. 7505/9/2024
Brain Health Initiative of the Department of DefenseH.R.7776 NDAA for FY 2023 Sec. 7355/1/2024
Extra Medical Maternal Health Providers Demonstration ProjectH.R. 6395 NDAA for FY 2021 Sec. 746(f)(2)4/24/2024
Joint Warfighter Medical Research ProgramH.R. 2471 Consolidated Approps for FY 2022, JES 117-35, Pg. 147 H.R. 4432 HAC-D Report for FY 2022, 117-88, Pg. 330-3314/18/2024
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Personnel ShortfallsS. 4543 SASC Report for FY 2023, 117-130, Pg. 1894/11/2024
Accountability for Wounded Warriors Undergoing Disability EvaluationH.R.7776, NDAA for FY 2023 Sec. 7113/28/2024
Orthotics and Prosthetics Outcomes ResearchH.R. 2471, Consolidated Approps for FY 2022, JES 117-35, Pg. 148 DoD Approps SAC-D for FY 2022 Report, Pg. 2243/28/2024
Stayskal Act Reporting RequirementS. 2226, SASC Report for FY 2024,118-58, Pg. 176-1773/21/2024
Peer-Reviewed Cancer Research ProgramsH.R. 4432, HAC-D Report for FY 2022, 117-88, Pg. 328-3303/21/2024
Military Medical Standards for AccessionH.R. 2670, HASC Report for FY 2024, 118-125, Pg. 1993/15/2024
Study on Incidence of Breast Cancer Among Members of the Armed Forces Serving on Active Duty S. 1605, NDAA Conference Report for FY 2022, 117-21, Sec. 7403/5/2024
Medical Examination Requirements for Service Academy Applicants in the Northern Mariana IslandsH.R. 2670, HASC Report for FY 2024, 118-125, Pg. 199 2/29/2024
Metastatic Cancer Research FY2023H.R. 8236, DoD Approps for FY 2023 HAC-D Report, 117-388, Pg. 267-268 2/9/2024
Annual Report on Autism Care DemonstrationS. 1376, SASC Report for FY 2016, 114-49, Pg. 157-158 1/8/2024
Improving Military Readiness through Physical Therapists Serving in Primary Care RolesH.R 7900 HASC Report for FY 2023 117-397 Pg. 191-1921/2/2024
Last Updated: June 06, 2024
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