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Vision Registry

Eyes injuries make up a significant portion of all casualties experienced in battle by our service members and veterans. The Defense and Veterans Eye Injury and Vision Registry (DVEIVR) is a DoD led initiative to provide the DoD and VA vision care community with a medical registry consisting of ocular clinical and related data to conduct longitudinal analysis with a focus on preventing vision related injuries, protecting and preserving the visual system, and restoring vision. The vision community is comprised of those who specialize in some form of ocular care.

Once eyesight is lost it cannot be restored, even with the medicine and technology available today. The goal is to protect and save our service members and veterans eyes, and guide further research. The Vision Registry aids researches and providers in this effort.

Today our prosthetic capability is amazing. If a service member loses a limb, we can give the service member back the ability to walk with a prosthetic. Unfortunately, that is currently not the case if someone loses their vision. Because the vision community has the ability to view and research data and health outcomes across the spectrum with the Vision Registry, the future possibilities are endless and the vision communities may have the data they need to someday develop ocular prosthetics.

Take a look at our DVEIVR Introduction video to learn more: