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Care Coordination

Vision Care Service Coordinators (VCSC) support case managers, social workers, and medical providers to meet the vision care coordination needs of service members, eligible veterans, beneficiaries, and those with DOD-authorized medical services. VCSCs contact case managers and medical providers in designated regions to provide educational information and offer support and coordination of eye care services.

  • Outreach for telemedicine services
  • Medical Temporary Duty (TDY) coordination
  • Transition to VA polytrauma or low vision facility
  • Referral to local in-network civilian vision care 
  • Coordinate care and confirm eligibility for civilian ocular trauma and burn treatment 
  • Coordinate and monitor inpatient/outpatient care for parents and premature babies at risk for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)
  • Assist eligible veterans with referrals from VA to DOD medical services
  • Support referrals to obtain assistive technology for low vision and blind patients in need
  • Establish relationship with local and regional military treatment facilities and VA facilities to expand coordination efforts

There are services at our military treatment facilities in place to support our active duty service members, beneficiaries, and eligible veterans who are visually impaired.

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Clinic
  • Brain injury rehabilitation 
  • OT/PT vestibular rehabilitation and low vision therapy to aid visual exercises
  • Veteran Assistance
  • VA Federal Recovery Consultant (FRC)
  • VA liaison

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