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Clinical Practice Recommendations

VCE participated in the planning, facilitation and development of outputs from expert workgroups held in Las Vegas, NV in August 2011, Arlington, VA in February 2012 and Galveston, TX in August, 2012. Each of these workgroups brought together a panel of experts in vision, rehabilitation and TBI across the DoD, VA and civilian sectors with the goal to develop consensus as it relates to the treatment of visual dysfunctions associated with TBI and vision problems from eye injury. VCE used evidence from the literature as well as consensus and conclusions drawn from these workgroups to develop comprehensive meeting summaries and subsequent clinical recommendations for the eye care provider and specialty care provider. The specific areas addressed include the assessment, management and referral needs related to visual dysfunctions in Service Members and Veterans with TBI and vision problems from ocular trauma.

Following the meetings, panel members as well as additional experts in the fields of vision, rehabilitation and TBI, served as review consultants providing multiple rounds of feedback and edits to the process highlighted in the algorithm and tables contained in the clinical recommendations. The outputs from the workgroup and expert review/consensus include: