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Defense & Veterans Eye Injury Vision Registry (DVEIVR)

The VCE was tasked with implementing and managing a registry of information to track diagnoses, interventions/treatments, and follow-up for each case of significant eye injury sustained by a member of the Armed Forces while serving on active duty. The DVEIVR was developed to address this requirement. Registry data are available to ophthalmological and optometric personnel of the DoD and VA for purposes of encouraging and facilitating the conduct of research and the development of best practices and clinical education on eye injuries incurred by members of the Armed Forces in combat. Registry data have been used by DoD and academic institutions to better characterize the complex field of ocular trauma. DVEIVR data are also shared with the VA Blind Rehabilitation Service to maximize continuity of care. The VCE is currently incorporating DVEIVR data along with other data sources focused on providing evidence-based care recommendations.

Check out our DVEIVR Introduction video to learn more.

DoD and VA Ocular community may request access to DVEIVER Reports online: